Why make this site ipad friendly but desktop unfriendly ?

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Also the coming soon section is messed up, I cant find newly released/upcoming games anymore, it's filled with asian-no- one-ever-heard-games, it used to be like an archive that I used to see what games I missed in the past months...

Oh and I feel like the pages have no order anymore, everything is thrown at my face at once...well I used to visit this site everyday and waited weeks since the new style hoping they may improve it but nope...nothing

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Can you elaborate on the desktop unfriendliness?

Coming Soon right now has no Asian game on it. Can you give me a URL that is showing you something different please?

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Nothing is organised in the main page, everything is put into one single page as if someone used a blender, it may be good if you're using a touchscreen device but that's about it.

As for the second question, I cant provide an URL as the address bar stays the same but you may click on Games-->PC-->Coming soon...As you may see the lists are not as efficient and complete as they used to be.