Why I have I been rudely stealth banned?

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I used to get replies on comments all the time, in fact if you look everyone does, yet now I get none what so ever, no likes, no replies. It's obvious that I have been stealth banned and tbh I think that is a shitty practise for what is now a shitty site. Just like how my other account I was using from 2003 was banned for no reason, I tried to ask but you cannot, I remembered I had this account from years ago too and asked on the forums and got no reply either...

All this site change has brought is a shit layout, no way to contact support and bans for me :\

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Odd, the livefyre default domain owner 'system' account has banned you on livefyre - moderators can't do anything about it as a result, as that account overrides even GS staff members individual accounts. I wouldn't be surprised if it's automated based on a list of rules like several other livefyre automated accounts that seem to delete posts etc even if no one actually wants them gone. I should point out that the comments system was used prior to the site revamp and nothing about it has changed though - it's all handled externally by livefyre beyond a little admin console with preset commands. On the upside, GS do plan to get rid of it in the future, presumably in favour of an in-house commenting system like we used to use.

Try PMing a CM about this - they'll try to sort it out, but from what I can tell, this is due to the way livefyre automates bans based on various rules, partially through the default domain owner 'system' account, and someone that has access to that account would have to try and revert it. It's possible someone with access to it manually banned you too, but I can't imagine why they'd switch to it for that - staff members have their own accounts that can also issue bans freely and that are auto-logged in to livefyre, and moderators generally won't second guess a staff ban, at most redirecting any issues to the CMs to handle it.

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Yeah I'm just not gonna return to the site, been ruined now like GT was, shame that there are no good game sites any more, just end up watching Youtube users instead.