Why Block My Comments?

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Dear Western Administrators,

Why comments not showing up in news articles? Never received any warnings or violated user agreement. Today, Lindsay Lohan GTA5 and How Can Wii U Win posts all disappear. You block me or Livefyre not working. Restore them now - Kim

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So between basically playing Tropico in real life, KimJong-un posts comments on Gamespot articles haha

#3 Posted by KimJong-un (9 posts) -

Could be glitch, comments now working

#4 Posted by zyxe (4737 posts) -

Sometimes comments sections glitch and I can't even find my own posts for a while :)

If you find this to be a recurring issue, feel free to "Contact the Moderators" via the link usually provided on the right of most forum pages. Including the article from which your comments seem to be disappearing will help us identify what the problem may be more efficiently.

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Thank for reply and helpful suggestions - Kim

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Why can't your people comment anywhere?

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Regarding situations like this you might want to contact a moderator or administrator directly and look at your history. Sometimes people forget to notify you or it could be what zyxe said. While moderators do check the Bug Reporting & Feedback forum its easier to get an answer if you think one of your privileges on gamespot have been taken away because of abuse.

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A dictator impersonator. Really original! :P