Why am I able to subscribe to some shows but not others?

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I was able to follow "The Point" and have found this feature to be of great use, yet when I went to sub to other GS shows such as "Feedbackula" or "Reality check" I found that the box above the popular videos box was not present, is this a problem with the site or is it intentional as the subscription is not available for these shows yet?

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Not a major issue as i have subscribed to the main GS YT anyway

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Hello there Kelemonopy. Sorry to hear that you're having issues with the subscribe feature on the site. Would you mind providing a screen shot of this so that I can better assist you?

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<"The Point" compared to "Feedbackula">

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hope these help, thankyou for looking into it.

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Thanks a bunch, I'm going to add this to this weeks report.

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This should be working as intended again.