Where are the (#) that bookmark your last post?

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you know the little (20) or (4). they were to see all the posts AFTER your last post in a thread. Like lets say I posted a reply in a thread, then come back like an hour later and if 20 posts were made in the thread after my post I would just click on the little (20) so I wouldnt have to scroll through every single post to locate my last one.

Really not liking this new site, and I hate to be one of those guys who doesn't like new things.

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We need this back.

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yes we do. it's one of the most basic features in a forum, and yet it's nowhere to be seen. it feels like gamespot was so eager to get all the fluff and stuff out that they forgot about the basics.

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Yeah I think it's a must have feature for a forum.

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This is a serious no-brainer, and I refuse to believe GS would remove such a feature on purpose or permanently. I'd just give it a bit of time. If in a week this feature hasn't returned, then I'm off to greener forums after 12 years here. Not having this is like having a library with no bookmarks. If they intentionally removed this for some God only knows reason, it's beyond stupid. I'm already mostly using other sites until this is fixed as it's just too much hassle to use otherwise.

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If you're really active on the forums then navigation becomes nearly impossible without it. It needs to come back.

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Yes, this is getting annoying and something like that need to come back.

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@harry_james_pot said:

If you're really active on the forums then navigation becomes nearly impossible without it. It needs to come back.

I mean, am I a genius or something? should i be paid for my genius mind? NO, its a no brainer. Im active, and like to have back and forth convos with people, now I have to look through every single post to find my last one. WTH is going on here?

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I think the "watch this topic" button is supposed to be a replacement for it but i have really had a chance to try it out yet. Without putting down the system that i haven't tried yet, i will say that i've always liked being able to just click on the (#) and pick up where i left off.

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The only way I've found how to do this is to watch the topic. At the top of my watched topics (in far too tiny text, IMO) it says (>> = go to last unread). You click those two little arrows and it should direct you to where you left off reading. This has worked for me so far. I just don't know why GS doesn't organize all of our posts into folders and subfolders as to reduce unnecessary clutter in our feed. Strange.

I still prefer the old way more as I've yet to give the >> a full test on multiple topics at once and it's a pain in the ass having to favorite and defavorite an entire discussion if I just want to add one tiny reply, but it seems to work for now. Hope this helps some.

EDIT: scratch that. Just takes you to the end. Ah well.

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The little >> seems to do whatever the hell it feels like, sometimes it'll take you to the end, sometimes it seems to take you to the last unread post, sometimes it takes you to the same place 4 times in a row it's a bit broken right now. One things for sure, they need to make it about 3 times the current size, have it be the same as the text it's next to.