Where are the GREAT weekly NEW RELEASES???

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I can believe what happend with this category, for me NO.1 and the main reason to visit GS.Where are the careful update of weekly new releases??? Now, there are few games, without genre and list platform and no weekly update on more months, or day by day...

I understand the whole site is re-designed but i understand to be arranged otherwise and NO MISSING ENTIRELY or made it in the mockery!

Please make a substantially change for this soon, for this reason lose users and my resignation is on the way...

Does not matter at all???

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You can specify a date range in the "Filter Games" pod. You can also specify genre, platform and more. Its all there.


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@edgework: I can only speak for myself, but having to fill in the search fields and then getting a pile of results to wade through is very clunky and unwieldy compared to the old system. It was very easy to select my preferred system (PC) and then be able to see each and every game on a week to week basis as for out as I wished. Once there it only took a click of the mouse and you can see what is due out next week, and continue looking forwards for months out if you wanted to.

Now instead of simply selecting new releases > PC > click for next week I have to jump through extra hoops to sort out the search fields, and date range ect. any time I wish to browse them. Then even if these extra steps were not enough, I just attempted to look at PC games between today and Aug. 2014. I get pages of results.. and have to scroll to the bottom of the page to select the next page, and even then it seems that the dates sort in reverse with release dates further out showing up on page 1, and the releases for next week on page 12.

It may sound trivial with the "extra expenditure of effort" required to get this information, but it is annoying, and it is inconvenient, It is more complicated to get the information desired, and I for one would rather not jump through these extra hoops each and every time. There is also the issue of how these results are presented, before it was neat, compact and tidy. Now it is sprawling and not possible to digest at a glance, not to mention having to deal with scrolling the mouse to see all of the games listed per page when previously that hassle was not present. Then again.. there is the issue of the games being sorted backwards at present that overshadows everything anyhow.

In a nutshell.. I have moved on to places where i can get release info quicker and easier (granted they still not as good as it was here previous to the redesign). I do keep checking in to see if my old haunting ground fixes things or not, because the way that this worked previously was very convenient, and very simple to navigate and digest. I guess I am just holding out hope that the lost ease of use aspect of the "upcoming releases" returns. This was a quick and convenient place to get the information I wanted, not so much anymore.

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@marduc OK I'll pin this and see what discussion ensues...

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@edgework said:

@marduc OK I'll pin this and see what discussion ensues...

Thank you

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For me it's broken. It tells me old games were released recently or in the near future, like Halo 4 that will release tomorrow, or Arkham Origins was released yesterday and then again tomorrow.

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@edgework: ok...it's a start, never seen...but for ex. Syberia 3 have release date 31 dec 2097 and more games with this SF year date...need correction.

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@andruxandd said:

@edgework: ok...it's a start, never seen...but for ex. Syberia 3 have release date 31 dec 2097 and more games with this SF year date...need correction.

We're working on it.

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It is a noticeable difference with many of the new convenience models and with the great end styles some users have even inquired regardless of whether the item was operating until installed some foods in to be ground up and identified it had been actually functioning wonderfully.


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Agree...NEW RELEASES is a mess... filtered by letter and release date and not by platform??? jesus!!!!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this is a problem. So *with help* from this thread I finally found out where I can look out for new games by filtering out the platform and release date. But ...

1. The order of the games are in reverse order of their release dates. So for example, if I do a search from Nov 19 2013 to May 19 2014, the list starts from May 19 2014, then goes back to Nov 19 2013. I can always click the 'last page' to look for the upcoming games that I'm looking for, but I just thought this is weird.

2. What's up with all the Japanese titles? And I could be wrong, but they are mostly adult games? "Sex Teacher Tsuyomi"? Seriously? When did Gamespot become an adult game review site? I mean, I'm not trying to bar or ridicule certain people of their need/desire/nature, but I'm not sure if those games should be here. People with those kind of interests can always find information from other websites. Honestly, I wouldn't have cared until they were cluttering up the list of games to be released. They are all over the place.

3. I think Gamespot took this turn to mesh platforms together to cater to people with multiple gaming platforms, but as someone who owns only one (and probably will have only one) it becomes really difficult to use compared to the previous Gamespot which had different sub-websites for each platform. I tried to move to another website, but it's hard to leave when I've been using this for so long. I just hope that the release date thing gets fixed so I can just thank Gamespot for that.

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As a whole I think the new update over complicates things, and the new releases section is a good example of this. The old gamespot was quick and painless while new gamespot requires you to at least 2 extra steps to do things you could do with the old gamespot.

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Can you elaborate on the issues youre still having? The new release section shows the weekly releases along with some advanced filtering

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@stylyy: I write yesterday in other topic...

New Games> on Filter Games choose only Platforms> PC and Beggining Date...today for ex > Apply filters...and what??? A lot of stupid games ALL with First Release on Dec 31 !??!!??? And if i go to the last page new games are not only PC are PS2, WII,PS3 althought i search only PC! There are 1986 results with 83 pages stretchedover a periodthat beginsDecember 31 on first pageand endsonNovember 29!!! No option to go on a desired page...44 for ex...or how to find a game that I know appears on 1dec??? Is a mess this filters with billion platforms that i think don't have a purpose! The old releases was AMAZING! Just implement the same form,order,period like was and this is it! I want week releases with exactly new games appears,not games repeat! Fifa 2013 and Battlefield and more games are repeat in next day and over even if they have already been launched.

And i seen many sites restored, redesigned or changed radically but the data were correct after a few days, everything was almost perfect, small mistakes only...but here... :/ sayI'mused to thelook of the sitebutdoingsomeprecisedatathat you knowand findaberrations may be a reason for not visiting the GS in the future.I have 8 years of GS and the main purpose for which i in here is the new releases and for reviews.Do something in that way, please, old format was GREAT!

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I seem to get a massive list of japanese games none with any details at all, all due for release on the same day (Nov 29) Old format was much better, face it you tried something new (for no real reason) and it sucks.

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Turn it off and on again.

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GameSpot really?!

95% of the game listed on the PC "New Releases" are JAPANESE games without any descriptions. WHY? why this SHIT?

the PC "Coming Soon" is SHIT: the ONLY games listed are JAPANESE without descriptions and the range of the dates are Nov 29 to Nov 29. WOW

The main reason, for me, to come to this site WAS the NEW RELEASE where I WAS able to browse each week and see what games are present ( no Jappa shit).

WHY GS doesn't do something?

do you want a suggestion GS?

- Make a section of your site called "RELEASE DATE" next to " GAMES"

- have 3 filters: Platform, Year and Moth. on the Platform filter you have ONLY PC, xbox 360/one, PS3/4, Wii/u, DS, vita.

- The games listed MUST have some minimum information. No informations...they do not show on the list.

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@operationode: team GS don'tknowsthatnew releases sectionissnot and shows thatthey arecabbage... theystartedrebuildingthe sitewithout takecertainstepstobackupand i'm amazedthatthey do not knownowif you're looking new games will occure bugs andyou want to knowthe release datemarker to findthosegames but new games are date-launched on31Dec2097 or repeated ever or othernonsense date releases...THIS IS UNSPEAKABLE!

Been over30 dayssince the launchof thenewGSBUT THE SITE IS MUSH! IS A BIG PUKE!

PS:If my post will be censored i understand but I need to chill out of them because i can handle it it anymore...this site that I spent over 8 years is now a GARBAGE!

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@andruxandd: I agree with you.

At the cost of sounding repetitive: the new release (the old one) was me number one reason for me to come to GS.

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@stylyy: I would like to make a suggestion because what you have now is broken beyond repair.

start fresh and new

- Make a section of your site called "RELEASE DATE" next to " GAMES"

- have 3 filters: Platform, Year and Moth. on the Platform filter you have ONLY PC, xbox 360/one, PS3/4, Wii/u, DS, vita. the most recent platforms

- The games listed MUST have some minimum information. No informations...the games are NOT listed in the results

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So I see the new releases and upcoming release information is still an anti-intuitive unfriendly cluster$@!%.

Here is the new (and not so improved) process: Go to the link for new game, and have to deal with looking at games for every console big and small and only a week out. <Wish I could just click one button to sort for only pc games, instead have a drop down menu and have to scroll through that to select "PC" down towards the bottom of the cluttered selections> Hit "apply filters" get 1156 pages of results <think dammit!!! I have to fill in a date field as well.. grrr!> Try again.... drop down select "PC" from the myriad of options click date 1.. ok it sets it to today by default - this is good. Click date 2.. hmm I suppose 2 months out is good <thinks to myself.. wow it was so much easlier when I could just scroll one week at a time sorted for PC with one click of a button>. hit "apply filters" ohh ok this is good <only> 8 pages of results. <Bahhh!! the most recent upcoming results are STILL on the last page.> ok.. go to page 8. <think well so far I have had to click on a link, select and click PC from a drop down menu, then click "apply filter", realize that is way too broad, start over once again select "PC" from the drop down, enter date 1, enter date 2.. apply filter.. click click click. Get results.. have to go to page 8 click.> Finally here is what I am looking for... ohh crap!! I have to scroll to the bottom of the last page for the most recent and then work my way up. ok Finally I see games for about 2 weeks out on one page...scroll to view bottom to top..<think cluttered>.. ok lets look further ahead.. page 7... ugghh! need the bottom of the page for the most recent.. again.. ect ect. <hmm I wonder what is coming out for Q1 2014.. fill out the filters - again - go to the last page - again - scroll to the bottom of that page -again. <Wow this is a PITA, it used to be so freaking easy>

Here is the old way: click on a bookmark.. ok there are all the PC specific releases for the week - and I do not even have to scroll. Let me see what is coming out the week after.. click on a button. Ok lets look 2 months out. click the next week, and the next.. look how convenient.. it is all broken into easy to follow week by week chunks, and 1 click of the mouse sends me to the next week! Now I wonder what is coming out for Q1 2014 let me keep looking ahead.. i click, ok that week is covered.. i click that week is now too. <wow that was so easy, with minimal. effort and clutter i was able to inform myself of what is due out, and when for quite a few months into the future>

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@marduc: nice work...i...just click on ign or metacritic :) i give up to GS, only for forum here and to see how bad they become...soon i will not come at all.

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I moved to a different site EuroGamer

I will not us GS again...maybe the forum.



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I second "andruxandd",