What's up with this wasted space?

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I can't help but notice a complete waste of space on the front page that appears to be very similar to some dead space on profile pages:


It just looks unprofessional, that's all. Not a deal breaker or anything, but I figure maybe it's something that's easy to fix.

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...weird,these spaces don't usually show up,I believe it's some sort of graphic bug,maybe you should clear away your browser cache and cookies to solve this

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fact is that I don't see it in my profile

proof below

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@Smashbrossive50: that's your personal profile. View it as others do and it's there. I see it when I view your profile.

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Ad block probably

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Its ad space.

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Thanks, it's just odd because I've been seeing this space since the redesign and I only installed an ad blocker 2 weeks ago. It's not a big deal, just looks weird.