What can i do when my Wii Nunchuck controller doesn't work?

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Okay let me explain this, My Wii Nunchuck controller doesnt work. I was playing Smash Bros. Brawl and while brawling, my Nunchuck stopped working, i couldnt move and i lost the fight. So i have already tried everything... playing with the same nunchuck but another controller and still didnt work... i tried playing other games just to see if it was a glitch of SSBB but still didnt work! So i tried to find a solution and it was... playing with the controller only... but whoaaa dude its a pain in the butt!. Just to clear things, i have 2 controllers and 2 nunchucks but i usually play with a friend so i cant play without the nunchuck cause its friggin hard... i need help. Btw my controller is not a Nintendo brand controller... its a Rock Candy controller. Is there something wrong with this trademark? Or what? Please help!

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Wrong board. This belongs in the Nintendo Discussion.