We have a MASSIVE TROLL on the Wii U board. (not a moderation issue)

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It's Jasonguy, he made the Wii U Nintendo Network friend thread, but hasn't updated it since December. A lot of people have posted their NN ID's in the thread but to this day he refuses to update it and take care of his responsibilities for making the thread in the first place. He's a notorious Nintendo hater in the first place, and I have no idea why he even bothered making the thread, unless it was only to annoy Wii U owners.


Someone else should take over responsibilities of that thread, and at least update it.

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I've done this before,just leave him be,the mods knew their job on that person,contact some mods using a Report Abuse will do just fine for now and then
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I noticed this as well. I added my ID in the thread but it's not been added to the list in the first post, and I posted in that thread months ago.

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yet you should stay away from him if you ever been to any of his posts again(I didn't like trollers,always a sensation to others)
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I know it's really none of my business, but...

I don't think Jaysonguy should have to have a responsibility to this website to make sure some thread post gets updated.

I usually thought when a forum user did that, it was just out of courtesy to their thread's visitors, and to make things look nicer.  I don't think the guy should be obligated to do a thing, and if you guys are really bothered by it you should ask permission to start a new 'friend thread'.

I also do not see how that makes Jaysonguy a troll.

Furthermore, I have seen Jaysonguy around several times over the years, and I know as well as the rest of you how he can be at times.  I have to add that his dislike of Nintendo is most definitely not exclusive - I have seen him complaining about and praising stuff on all three systems at one point or another.  Maybe Nintendo is just what he wants to talk about right now?

I don't mean to dive into the conversation here because I don't visit the Wii U forums and I have no idea what he is like there, but he's allowed to have an opinion like the rest of us.  If he is being completely disrespectful to other users there, and goes there solely to troll, then that is an entirely different issue altogether, and I don't think it has a thing to do with this one.

I took a look at the thread, I think it's the one you guys are discussing, and his last post there was December 13th.  To be honest, that really wasn't a long time ago - maybe he has a life outside of this website.  Maybe he just lost interest in the Wii U since then?

I just gotta stand up for the guy because I think it's nuts that people are complaining over a thread not being updated by another user.

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well,I should say that ALL forum boards should have this header at all times,spammers and trollers didn't know that Moderation Clarification isn't the only place where this header exist

- Be respectful. In return you'll receive the same treatment.

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Ask Haziqonfire to update it. I think he has the power ot update the OP of threads the last time I checked.

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Perhaps an update to the GameSpot Players Network is in order. I'll see about getting that information moved over.