Videos still not working in Internet Explorer

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Hi Gamespot,

How funny, the word gamespot isn't recognised by the word dictionary for a forum post, even if this is a third party app you must be able to configure additional words? Anyway I'm digressing on to the issue.

Certain video's on gamespot do not play (I.e. Gran Turismo 6 - Review in Progress). I get the error message Please use a flash video capable browser to watch videos.

I have heard a lot about Adblocker and google software. Can somebody please confirm to me if this is inheriently a Gamespot server issue? Because I don't have any plugin's enabled apart from the latest version of Flash. I'm using Windows 7 64 bit and I.E. 11 which automatically keeps itself up to date. I've reset to browser defaults and I don't have popup blocker enabled.

There isn't any reason at all why I shouldn't be able to play these videos. Some older videos do not appear to work either like Dirt 2 Video Review.

As it appears the issues for me appear directly related to the Gamespot server environment, I'm amazed that something like this has been allowed to continue for so long, do you guys not care about what works on what system? I can see the video's if go via Firefox so the issue is with Internet Explorer only.



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according to the staff, its actually an issue with google.

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@leon2365: Ok thanks for letting me know. Looks like it's Firefox for now on Gamespot for watching video's. Let's hope Google can resolve this soon.


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no problem.