Videos not working on ipad

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For about a week now videos on gamespot won't play for me. I'm using google Chrome on my ipad. The advertisement video plays just fine but then I just get a black square where the video should be. Sometimes I get a message saying can't load media.

It really annoy, I've rectify been going to youtube to watch the videos instead

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Which generation iPad?

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The one before the Air, Ipad 4?

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I tried it on that same model with Safari and Chrome with no problems... Can you try to play a video from and

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The videos on them sites work just fine, it just seems to be GS I'm having the problem with

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What about with Safari?

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Having the same problem on safari

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can you try logging out and see if that makes a difference?

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Ive tried logging in and out, I've also cleared my history and cache on both browsers with no luck. I just get this -

this happens all over GS not just the News videos

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OK one more thing. Can you watch Giant Bomb videos?

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The videos on Giantbomb works perfectly for me

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OK. Now that we have that information we're gonna go on break. Seriously. :)

But yeah, there's something odd going on with your, and I'd bet a few other's, iPad that we're not dealing well with. Video is not an easy thing. I was able to play video on a third and fourth generation iPad. Your's is a fourth.

When we're back I'll pass this on to the video developer.

In the meantime, I'd bet that a reset of your iPad would fix it if you want to be that severe.

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Since you guys are going on break i probably wont be watching many videos anyway since there wont be any new video content to watch, so its not to big a deal.

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Not sure when you guys are back but even resetting my ipad to factory setting still hasnts fixed the issuse

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@Sidburn19: Please send me a full url for a page that has broken video.

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Its every video on the site not just a certain page

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@Sidburn19: All of those worked on two different iPads for me. This is very perplexing especially since you reset the device. Can you try using a different network?

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Tried that as well, took it to a friends house over the holidays. The videos work fine on my laptops and my cell phone. Which all work fineon my network. I dont know if this mke a different but my ipadisnt jailbroken or anything.

I also have an ipad 2 and im having the same issue with that.

The videos worked fine for me just before December

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@Sidburn19: Would you be willing to spend about 30 minutes going though a debugging process for us? If so, please let me know your technical ability so I can write appropriate instructions.

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Sure, id be up for that. Im about average. I know my way around a computer at least

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Ok here goes. Be careful, you might learn something...

On your PC:

Download 'Charles' here :

Quit all running applications / menubar extensions etc.

Install and run Charles

In the Proxy menu select 'Proxy Settings'

Set the Port value to 8910 and hit OK

Determine your Wifi IP Address:

On Mac open Network Settings in System Preferences, Select Wi-Fi and under status it will tell you the IP Address

On Windows: Start->Run->Command type: ipconfig -all, Find your wireless adapter and take note of the IPv4 Address

On your iPad:

Restart your iPad.

Go to Settings / WiFi

Click the 'i' icon for the network you are on (the one on top)

On the bottom un HTTP Proxy click 'Manual'

Set the value for 'Server' to the ip address you found above

Set the value for 'Port' to '8910'

Close Settings

Load Chrome or Safari and navigate to a video page and let it completely load.

Back to your PC:

In the Proxy menu make sure that 'Windows (or MacOS) Proxy' is checked.

In the Proxy menu if the first item is 'Recording' select that to stop recording

In the toolbar click the trashcan icon.

In the Proxy menu click on Start Recording

Back to your iPad:

Refresh the page.

Back to your PC:

You should see an alert from Charles telling you that something is connecting, Allow that

Back to your iPad:

Wait for the page to completely load then try to play the video. Wait for it to hang or do whatever it does for you.

Back to your PC:

In the Proxy select 'Recording' to stop recording

In the file menu select Save

Send that file to me. (check your messages for my direct email address)

On your iPad:

Undo all that you have done in the Settings

Back to your PC:

Quit Charles. You can use Charles to look at all the magic behind the internet if you want. It records all traffic going over your PC too.