Video player wont start

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#1 Posted by Rawandouz (27 posts) -

I'm working on Mac OS X 10.5.8, recently every time I try to watch a video review or any other show,

GS vedio player would only show that it's loading then nothing but black screen, On my PC there are no problems, please help.

I'm using Firefox, Camino, and Safari on Mac and all have the same problem, vedios are not playing.

#2 Posted by JodyR (16412 posts) -

Someone is checking into the problem, thanks for your report!

#3 Posted by Bhemont (1679 posts) -

Same problem here, windows7 google chrome.

#4 Posted by arganvain (30 posts) -
I've got the same issue too since yesterday. Windows XP. Google Chrome.
#5 Posted by bender961 (14 posts) -

I've been getting it for a week now, using google chrome, videos loading time is long and it's odd that GS' shows won't start however trailers do? (not commercials but trailers on the site)

#6 Posted by JodyR (16412 posts) -

Please clear your cache in your browser and see if that resolved the issue. We think the problem has been resolved.

#7 Posted by Rawandouz (27 posts) -

Didn't work, I cleared everything, but no good..I still can't watch the videos.

#8 Posted by Brandarid (1 posts) -

Same problem here, using windows 7 and firefox.

#9 Posted by JodyR (16412 posts) -
Thanks for your latest reports. Do you by any chance have urls of the pages you're trying to load. Is it only happening on the "show" pages?
#10 Posted by bender961 (14 posts) -
It's actually on everything now, GS seems so boring without the video contents.
#11 Posted by LarkAnderson (1964 posts) -
Hey all, I spoke to one of our devs and he said that there's a case where this can happen that's easy to check for. Please reference this image and let me know if this is indeed the issue or if everything's set correctly. Thanks!
#12 Posted by Rawandouz (27 posts) -

Hi Jody, I think there is, please check the image:



#13 Posted by Stabba_The_Kutt (5 posts) -

Same problem here. For videos with explicit content After I input my age (something like jan 1 1905 and never the real age, because gamespot is NOT entitiled to that info), the video player just goes black. Also, why do I have to input an age when I'm logged in anyway? Here's one of the videos with the problem:

#14 Posted by Stabba_The_Kutt (5 posts) -

And here's another video that won't play. Guess I'm going to have to start going to a different gaming site. Don't see the point of coming here with videos that won't play.

#15 Posted by JodyR (16412 posts) -

Not many people are encountering this problem but thanks for the links and description; I'll pass it along to the appropriate staff.

#16 Posted by Diddies (1342 posts) -

I havn't been on Gamespot in awhile and it is because I can't watch videos anymore either. I just get a blank white screen that says loading but never loads.

#17 Posted by Rawandouz (27 posts) -

Hi Jody, today..the video player has started working again.

#18 Posted by JodyR (16412 posts) -

Hi Jody, today..the video player has started working again.

That's great to hear. Thanks for reporting back!