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Tried playing a few video's today with my I-pad and got a message over the video saying I needed an HTML 5 capable browser. Now I'm not absolutely sure but this seems like a bug of some kind as its always had no trouble with playback before today, other sites video's play, and I'm fairly certain its version of safari is html 5 capable. My PC seems to run things fine but seems like something worth noting.

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Yeah, just noticed the same. Tried with Safari and chrome, both coming up with the same error...

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This is very frustrating. I have found that it only happens with newer videos. Some of the older videos work fine.

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I'm experiencing the exact same problem. Updated on Sunday to ios 7.0.6, and I can't view any videos, instead, I get the message, 'please use a html5 capable browser to watch videos'. I contacted apple support, they suggested to contact the site where the problem occurs. I downloaded chrome after that, only to have the exact same problem. And the help, submit a question page of this site, won't submit my question. Getting a tad frustrated, after spending the last hour and a half finding a fix for this problem.

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I'm getting the same problem on my Android phone. It just started over the last couple of days. GS seems to have more technical issues than any other site I visit on the internet.

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Same problem.

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I'm having this exact problem. Please help!!!!!

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Seem to have gotten it to work if I view website in "widescreen", do this before viewing the page with the video. You'll know its working if you see the play button above res settings

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Wow! That did it! Thanks so much!!!