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I looked on the board and didn't see it posted yet, so sorry if this has already been mentioned. On the forums, whenever i click on the number of unread posts, it always takes me back to the first page, instead of to the oldest unread post. This is on all of the boards i've tried it on. the link shows up as something like so it isn't showing the rest of the url line that i would normally see. it typical says unread=17 or something.

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looking deeper, i have two accounts. and its only on this one that the problem occurs. its fine on the other (chikarashref).
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It has been a while since someone has reported an issue like this, but it does sound similar to some we've heard before. Have a look at this discussion and see what you think. I wouldn't be surprised if sort order is the issue.

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that seems to have worked. thanks. a couple of my options only said "current", instead of listing what it was set to, and then have current in parenthesis.
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Glad that worked. Do you recall which options only said "(Current)"? I suspect those are the ones that got glitched/undefined somehow.

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could be mistaken, but i'll take a guess and say "Message sort order" and "Topics sort order". those sound right.
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Thanks. Might help to know if it happens again.