Union topic links in my feed are wrong

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I like how the GameSpot url is completely missing from the links, I honestly didn't notice that until now. But yeah that's been happening to me too.
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Thanks, we'll check into it.
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My bad, I should've posted this here and not in the main thread on the technical issues. :oops: I wanted to report that game pages and main forum threads appear to be fine, but unions are still getting the error from these links. Most likely due to the unions' limbo status, so to speak, where you can access the union on the older layout through the profiles but can also access their boards on the current layout through favorited boards. Not quite sure what exactly it causing it, but hopefully that clarifies things a bit.
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Is this still occurring? Looking at your feed, 2ndWonder, the union links appear to be working for me now.
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Yep, still going I'm afraid. Check the highlighted red boxes in this pic and the link at the bottom. [spoiler]  [/spoiler] That was a pic taken 3 mins ago, EST. Edit: Another screencap, the results when clicking the said link [spoiler]  [/spoiler]
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Just checked mine, still broken.

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Hey everyone. I was able to validate the issue by checking 2ndWonder's current  myfeed union topics.   One of the staff members is checking into this.