Unfollowing games doesn't work, gamespot.

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Yep, even after more then 2 months, it still doesn't work. And I am still gonna bring it up even if you lock my other thread.

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definitely don't give up on this. keep making new threads if you have to.

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Still not working.

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Does gamespot even check the technical problem forum ?


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following games has turned into a useless endeavor for this site anyway. it rarely works and even if it does, the following games list is lacking in every manner. i can't imagine why they would change something that worked into something that sucks. when i say it sucks, it sounds like a subjective evaluation but it isn't. the new site is objectively a piece of shit.

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most likely due to them working on the stacks. supposedly an update is coming soon to fix them.

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I'll see if an update can be provided.

Also, consider this a warning, you have had two posts in this thread deleted for offensive material. Please keep things professional.

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Sorry I'm just getting into this thread, but we're looking into this issue. If you can post any other games that you are unable to follow, it would be helpful. Thanks!

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Dreadnought is a game where follow button (I assume unfollow too) does not work. Tried in Chrome, IE & Firefox.

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@RaZieL137: Thanks for the example! I assume you're referring to the game at http://www.gamespot.com/Dreadnought/. If this is the case, can you try to clear your browser's cache and try again? It appears to be working for me in both Chrome and Firefox, and it's possible that this could be caused by some bad JavaScript that you have cached.

If this is still not working, can you let me know what browser versions you are using?


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Nope, doesn't work even after a Ctrl+Shift+Delete in both FF and Chrome.


  • Firefox: 30.0
  • Chrome: 35.0.1916.153
  • Java: 1.7.0_55

Not running any browser plugins either.

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@RaZieL137: Thanks for the details! I'll pass this along to the dev team so they can take a look.

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Following new games on Gamespot doesn't work, either. Success rate: 1/4 or worse.

Example: of four games I followed--Enemy Front, Homefront: Revolution, Freedom Wars, Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Jigoku-hen--only the first one was properly recorded (and I tried several times). Has this to do with a review having been published for the first one but not yet the other three? But then all the "following games" stuff wouldn't really make sense...

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Can I add to this list?

Diablo III; Deux Ex: Human Revolution; Gears of War 3; Mass Effect 3: Special Edition.

Are you sure this functionality works? It doesn't seem to work for any game on my list.