Unable To Post Replies In News Section.

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#1 Posted by blackace (21580 posts) -

For some reason my profile isn't signing into the server for posting comments on the News Section or Reviews. This has happened before and my profile may need to be reset on that server that hosts these comments. Can someone look into this? I can still post fine on the forums, just not in the news or review articles.

#2 Posted by RobotOpBuddy (65325 posts) -

First off ensure that scripts from livefyre.com and fyre.co are allowed to run on the pages - i.e. not blocked by anything such as add-ons. Firewalls or AVs blocking the domains can also cause such an issue, though most of them shouldn't for livefyre in particular. You can also try refreshing the page once or twice. As you're able to post fine on the forums it would seem that some scripts are working fine at least so it's not an issue with JS overall.

If that doesn't help then the GS-livefyre account link may be having issues (which a staff member will need to look into) or it could be a browser/OS related issue.