Unable to change profile/avatar pictures since redesign

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Since the new GS site went live I have been unable to change any of the pictures associated with my account. Signature, avatar, etc, while I am in settings if I click on any of the buttons to select an image or click on the avatar image to change it nothing occurs. The site doesn't try to load a new page or anything like that, just doesn't react at all.

I just made another post about videos not woring and noticed lots of other people have custom avatars again. What do I need to be changed on my end or your end to return site functionality?

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as far as I know, it seems like uploading new images isn't possible ATM. ive tried to upload a new one from my "images" page, and all I get is a black screen. I even tried doing it as if I wanted to change my user icon, and same result. so it could just be bad timing for you, unless you consistently tried every day to change your images. if that is the case, then im not sure what to tell you, other than it is a bug that might be on gamespot's end.

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Like stated in the post this problem has been around for me since the new site design went live. Not a recent issue, I don't try every day but every day or two.

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Issue solved: Temporary work around. Install Chrome and upload your images using that browser.

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so might be a browser issue then.