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Hi everyone,

First of all, apologies for not diving into this forum earlier, particularly about the sign in issue that I know many of you have commented on. Since our re-launch nearly two weeks ago, we've been working long hours to fix a variety of high priority bugs and issues and I simply haven't taken the time to post here, which is entirely my fault. Look for me to hang out pretty much daily going forward.

After investigating reports, here is what we know about sign in issues that people are experiencing:

  1. If you've tried to sign in and received an error that your username or password was invalid, it is most likely that you've attempted to sign in with your email address. We now require that you sign in with your username rather than your email address, at least the first time that you sign in post-October 10, and 9 times out of 10 this is the cause of your issue.
  2. If you simply do not know your username, please contact customer support and tell them as much, along with the email address you registered your account with, and they can look this info up for you.
  3. If you've tried to sign in and received an error that your account was not verified, this is because you haven't confirmed your email address by clicking on the verification link that was sent to the email address that you supplied when you first registered your account. The old GameSpot did not require that your account be verified for you to use it, but the new GameSpot does, and you will be unable to sign in until you do so. UPDATE: If your account is unverified and you attempt to sign in, you can now request that a verification email be resent to the account that you registered with.
  4. If you received a confirmation email before October 18, clicked the verification link, and are unsure as to why the site still says that your account is unverified, this is because we were unfortunately sending out bad verification links before then. This has been fixed going forward, and if this is your situation the fix mentioned above will also help you verify your account.

If you are experiencing a problem different than posted above, please post in this thread and I'll investigate your issue.

Thank you for your patience,

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Hey Lark, I don't know if this is an issue or not, but I've actually been successfully signing in using my email address this whole time. I have an account manager app that auto-fills my logins for various websites (gotta keep those passwords random) and it's using my email as my username because I didn't know about the change.

Or is it that when you say "at least the first time that you sign in post-October 10..." that you mean we can use our either from then on?

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@ZeroGravX: Yes, that's the case. It's a loophole that we're going to fix, but you are currently able to sign in with your email address if you have signed in with your username at least once.

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Cannot login with account: DCarver
Attempting to reset password results in a 'failed to find matching email'.


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I still cant log in,It just says wrong user name or password and when I try to reset the password I get the message We couldn't find any account matching this email or username.This is the email that my gamespot updates are sent to and like I said in the other thread I havent recieved any updates since oct 9.

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Great to hear you are working on it! :)

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@cantloginnow: I'm sure you've already passed this along to Synthia, but if you can PM me the username you had as well as your email address, I'll look into that myself.

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Is there any ETA on when the email verification fix will be implemented?

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The resend verification link is there now but it just leads back to the sites homepage and doesn't verify the account.

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@b-apples: What account are you trying to verify? I was able to verify my test accounts last night using the new link.

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@LarkAnderson said:

@b-apples: What account are you trying to verify? I was able to verify my test accounts last night using the new link.

Snugenz is the account in question, i click the resend verification link, get the mail but the link in the mail just leads back to the gamespot homepage, and i'm still unable to log into my Snugenz account.

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@b-apples you have made sure to check inside your Spam Folder?

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My real account is 6_Dead_360s

Everytime I attempt to login on firefox, the page goes blank and the url stays at

On internet explorer I receive an HTTP 500 internal server error. My password, username, and email are all correct but I cannot login.

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^^ I had the same issue as "ErrorLogin" on every browser I tried. Today was the first day I was able to log in since the site update and got the Email authentication message, before it would just send me to a blank page. I'm wondering how many more people are having this problem.

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Soooo I just clicked the link in the verification email and ah... It just takes me to the front page :/

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Same issue as @Blabadon the verification link just dumps back to the GameSpot homepage, no change in account status. Any timeframe on getting a fix to fix the fix that fixes the bug?

Would it be better to just PM a community manager? Can they actually edit account status to verified?

Cheers for the all help,


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Hi there!

I'm having similar problems. I use two main email addresses and a couple of passwords and believe me, I've tried every possible combination but nothing worked. I tried to send a query to the support staff but when clicking "send", nothing happened. And when I tried to reset password I got the message "We couldn't find any account matching this email or username." so I panicked a little, does that mean that my account has disappeared? I hope not!

@LarkAnderson should I send you a PM with my account details so you can have a look at it? THANKS!

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@Blabadon @raskatriski @nait2k14@hoola @errorlogin I'll investigate this issue further. In the meanwhile, can you PM me your original account username and email address? I can force a verification email to be resent that will fix your account.

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Thank you, Lark!

I can now log into my account ^_^

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Cheers @LarkAnderson, back in action!

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Chele, using my account again huh

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Hope you didn't mind. I had to get that problem fixed =P

Besides, its not like went around posting pics of dudes number 2'ing each other >_>

Remember that?


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Thanks @LarkAnderson ! This is @raskatriski writing, I got my old account back :)

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I am having the same problem, had to create this account to post on the forum

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@timzy8: What is your original account's username?

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Every time I click the verification link in the email, it just takes me back to the Gamespot front page. Nothing gets verified. My original username is "ickybod" Could you fix this please?

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Got my profile recovered just now (first stuck in some limbo with the system unable to find neither the nickname, nor the e-mail..then- this crank with verifying the latter). 'Hope and wait' guys- it's all manageable. Thanks again, Lark.

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@ LarkAnderson

Thank you. That email link has allowed me to sign in again with my real account.

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I'm still unable to sign in. I've changed my password even when signing in with the correct credentials it still doesn't work. Then it tells me that my account isn't verified. I asked for a new verification email and even to that, it just leads me to the main Gamespot page in a circle. I've asked for help and even was consulted by some employees but they ended up ignoring me. I would love to get my account back if possible.

Edit: My Original account username was Wiiman21.

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Its the same timzy8


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@jiggyjoe21: please send @LarkAnderson a PM containing both your Email and Original Account name so they can get this solved


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I have problems to log in with Firefox. With Internet Explorer it works fine. I'm using Internet Explorer right now. However, with Firefox which is my primary internet browser, the log in button doesn't react anymore. It stopped working today.

I tried to deleted the cookies via Firefox. But it didn't resolve this problem. When I type in my data and click on log in. The button turns gray for a few seconds. And becomes normal again and nothing happens further. No messages or whatever.

In fact, even if I type in a totally wrong user-name and password. The system won't tell me that it is wrong. No reaction at all.

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@souldomain1984Me too, I just installed Chrome to say this. :P

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I just tried to log in again with Firefox. And it works again....

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Hi Lark, I linked my twitter with GameSpot instead of creating a new account and got a glitch, I can't sign in at all.

Email: Gamspot Username: amtnannyboy

I didn't get to make a password as the activation email tab crashed, but I still received a confirmation email, that had no password information.

Each time I try to reset the password via email, the link fails on a blank white page.

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Similar to @Trogolizer, yesterday I tried to create a new account using my Google login. I also can't sign in at all.

I tried to reach out to the help and support team (as I was directed to do on the help page) but that support form seems to be broken also. When you click submit it briefly shows a little red spinning animation and then nothing happens:

It's almost funny that I need help requesting help. Except that this is my last hope. Thank God I have an old username (which I'm trying to move away from) that still works because otherwise I couldn't even log in to post my cry for help on the forums!

Here is a copy of the message that I attempted to send to them. Lark, maybe you can help?

Today, I tried to create an account on using the Sign up with Google+ feature. After accepting the app request on Google, I was redirected to a blank white screen. I did soon receive an email asking me to "confirm my registration" so I clicked the link in the email and was again taken to a blank white page. A few moments later I received a "Welcome to Gamespot!" email.

Now, in spite of being signed in to my Google account, when I browse to it shows that I am NOT signed in. If I click the link to "Sign In" I am shown a screen that asks me to enter my username and password. Since I have no password, I click "Log in with Google" and it asks me to create a new account. My account already exists and the username "seebigs" is now taken, but I still cannot log in.

Please help me get my account fixed so that I can start enjoying your community.

Yes, I have already cleared my cookies, closed my browser, and tried this whole process multiple times from the beginning. I've actually tried using the latest version of both Chrome and IE with the same results. As a last resort I tried to reset my password just to see if that would generate a random password for me and allow me to log in using that method instead, but this link also just took me to a blank white page.

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This site is awful and a buggy mess.

You should be ashamed of what you've done to this site now.

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I believe that I am having the same problem as Trogolizer and rogue7.

I managed to create a new account with the username "dyingbreed590", and I received the initial "Welcome to Gamespot" email. However, I am unable to successfully log in, as I'm told that my username and/or password is incorrect. I have attempted to reset my password--whenever I do, Gamespot sends me a "Gamespot Password Assistance" email. Clicking the link in this email appears to do nothing, as I am not provided with a temporary password and am still unable to log in. (The link they send merely redirects me to the Gamespot home page).

I attempted to contact the support team, but have received no response so far (and I'm not convinced that the support form even worked correctly when I tried to use it). This seems like a lot of unnecessary trouble just to set up a new account on Gamespot.

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Can't sign in and tried tech support, no reply. Which kinda stinks, because the account is really old and I would love to use it.

Username: Rikomi

Email: or

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I created this account simply to post on this thread, I need help getting back into my account - Aurelien48. I tried to recover my password however the email used for this account has been disabled. I also try contacting customer support 5-10 times and they haven't gotten back to me.

Can you please help me recover my password? Thanks!

FYI: any info from this user I am using is false, I made bogus info just to be able to post here and get help.

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I'm posting this from my brother's account since I can't log into mine.

My username is Sephiroth-X

I have not been able to log in since the GameSpot revamp. I've tried logging in with my username and what my password has always been. No go. I've tried logging in with my e-mail. No go. I've tried resetting my password and when I submit my email it says "Whoops, there was a problem, we're working on it, blah, blah, blah". No go. I've tried contacting GameSpot support through their question form and it's broken. Can't even submit it.

I've tried all of these thing on Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer. None of it works.

I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out and put an end to to this major pain in the ass.

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I am unable to log in to my original account, from before the new site launch.

My old account was: notsonegi

if i try "forgot password or resend verification" then i get an error message that the e-mail address could not be found and if i try to resign up i am given "username/e-mail already in use"

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I can't find anywhere to change my password. Am I missing it? Or is it missing?

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I have had an account here on Gamespot for many years and for the past month I can't log in to it or change the password, and no matter what I have tried I can't access it. I made another account just to being to sign into Gamespot and somehow contact someone or anyone that can help with my issue.

The username for my normal account is ghstbstr and the email address that normally goes with it should be but it could have been changed and that is why I think that I am not able to access it, the other email could be

If anyone could help with this issue I would much appreciated since I have put alot of time in my ghstbstr account over the many years that I have been part of Gamespot.

Thank you.


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@Greendragon0: There should be a link in your profile settings page to this page, where you can change your email address or password.

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@ghstbstr74: I've sent an account verification email to your email address (I had to temporarily change your email address, so don't worry when you see that). Once you click the link there, you should have access to your account again.

Please let me know if this is not the case!

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I am unable to log in to my original account, from before the new site launch.

My old account was: yankee1220

if i try "forgot password or resend verification" then i get an error message that the e-mail address could not be found and if i try to resign up i am given "username/e-mail already in use"