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im not sure if this is something to do with gamespot, or my own computer.

but for a while now, gamespot seems to be a couple minutes faster than my computer.

like ill post and my computer will say its like 1:15, while gamespot says i made the post at 1:17.

now ive its gotten to be 4 minutes faster.

for example:

has anyone else noticed this? or is it just my computer?

#2 Posted by konvikt_17 (22308 posts) -

notice the time in the bottom right and then the time it says i posted:

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I noticed this came about around when gs switched servers. You aren't the only one to notice this, it should be happening with everyone. The times it jumps forward range from 2 to 5 mins. I'v pointed it out before, doesn't seem like a big problem. But it is weird seeing your post a few mins ahead of actual time. :P