There is an invisible side bar that takes me to GS Home

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I'm using Coolnovo browser because I use Mouse gestures and other features it has, instead of Chrome. It used to be called ChromePlus. I know Gamespot recommends Chrome or Firefox.

There seems to be an invisible side bar on the left side of the browser from top to bottom. It prevents me from clicking stuff that is located on the left side of the screen, such as posting comments on forums and clicking news stories on the home page. When I click the invisible sidebar, it takes me straight back to Gamespot home.

The only solution i've found was zooming in more but zooming in turns the bar up top into a tablet version of the site. Which removes the site navigation.

Any way to fix it besides switching browsers for one site? I've gotten used to Coolnovo over the years and is my favourite because of it's features.


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Is this similar to this issue in which the GS logo appears to stretch across the entire height of the page (the link part only, not the actual graphics)?

Either way my best guess atm is it's related to settings/add-ons or maybe even OS in some way, as it affects some chrome users and not others, and coolnovo is based on chrome. It works fine on all zoom settings (everything from 25% (which is tiny) to 200% (which turns it to a mobile/tablet layout for the top bar - site navigation is still there btw, you just have to click the list icon in the top left corner - it's not ideal though for a PC/Laptop) for me, but you should try to stick to the default 100% zoom in general as it can cause issues on a large variety of websites (including the old GS site, though the new one is a bit more robust in that regard).

From what I can tell, switching browsers shouldn't be necessary, but as much information as possible to try and troubleshoot it and find a solution would be useful, as I can't seem to reproduce this.

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Coolnovo...never heard of it,my kind of answer with this is to "delete a node" if that can help you for once(I'm not very familiar with this,and doubt if it has an "inspect element")