The new video/TV page.

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How do I sort videos by date on the new video page? There were most-recent and most-popular buttons before, but they are gone.

Also, how do I turn off auto-play upon landing on one of the video pages?

This one isn't related to the new layout: how do I set 720p as default?

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Later today, there will be an official post made by one of our developers on the subject. I asked him your questions and his response was the following:

- The new page displays both videos by date AND videos by popularity (the small videos are ordered by date and the large ones are by popularity)
- You can't turn off auto-play on this page, just like you can't turn it off on an actual video page
- Our video player currently doesn't let you set it to 720p by default

GameSpot Developer

Hope this helps.

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Hi there. here is the offiicial GameSpot TV announcement.