The new front page of GS is awful.

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Posted by Gargus (2147 posts) 1 year, 9 months ago

Poll: The new front page of GS is awful. (59 votes)

I like it. 14%
Im indifferent. 5%
I dont like it. 81%

I used to like the main page because I could just start scrolling down and read all the headlines easily to find things Im interested in reading. And I could go back as far as I wanted incase I was gone a few days.

But the new front page has new stories in no conformity, they are jumbled allover and after I click "show me more" 3 or 4 times it only loads like 4 more stories and then it stops giving me more stories.

I don't know how others feel but the old simple way of reading headlines and finding things was far superior than this new page. Ever since you have switched to it I read a lot less stories because I skim the front page, maybe open a story or two in a another tab to read and then that's it.

#1 Posted by SirSlimyScott (275 posts) -

If you scroll half way down you can see the new stories, trust me it's not that difficult.

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Thank you for your feedback @Gargus. I'll add it to this weeks Bug and Feedback Report.

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Honestly, this whole site is terrible now. The design is...I just don't even understand how some of these changes were approved.

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The front page is just messy now. You have a bunch of stuff with images at the bottom and it seems all random, some stuff is even repeated from above which is rather pointless. Having one image for each section along with having everything together nicely in each section would be best.

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I dont think Gamespot understand how terrible the new homepage is. It sort of feels like they think this will all just blow over once everyone gets used to it. I have used it everyday since it came and I hate it more and more every time. Everything seems just randomly generated with week-old videos at the very top and random news items just scattered everywhere. I don't think it matters how many negative polls are posted, this new Gamespot is here to stay no matter how terrible it is. Gamespot needs to do something because its losing more and more once dedicated Gamespotians everyday, me included.

#6 Posted by HipHopBeats (2793 posts) -

@bfa1509: Same here. Gamespot thinks things will blow over if they don't respond to the negative feedback and act as if nothing is happening. When in reality, this site is not what it is used to be and becoming more dead with each passing day.

#7 Posted by lestaxi1 (25 posts) -

What were they thinking it's absolutely awful!

It's like they let some 10 year old design it,I have started using other sites to review games now.

Gamespot hope your reading these comments and you may point out there are not many complaints but remember most people don't complain so it's not a true indication.

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hi. i just want to say one thing before im out of here. its quite a while, a couple of months i think - 6 perhaps, since you implemented GS with this new and ''improved'' design. since then i hardly ever visit the site anymore. and when i do, i only come to check if you came to your senses, but as of today, i am giving up. im aware that some people kinda like the new GS design, but unfortunately im not one of them. so good luck with it i guess, bye.

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TC, you nailed it.

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Yeah I don't care for it at all. some of the menu graphics look like something from the old Nintendo Zelda. Pretty unpleasant to the eye.