The gamespot that I used to know

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When you guys changed the site, now I can't search games by genre like I used to. It was the best way for me to discover games. There also used to be suggestions of similar games when you looked at a game... wtf is this "New Releases / Coming Soon / Alphabetical" crap? The new site design looks nice and bubbly, but useless as a database now.

It saddens me, because I've used your site for a decade or even more now... now I have to find another site to use to just look up games by genre. *lame*

#2 Posted by andruxandd (138 posts) -

You are right...i decided to give up to GS after 8years because this new crap site is horrible...i don't like...and my loved section New Releases is a bull-shit.So, i find more great sites like GS(like was before of redesign) and is cool...GS is past for me, only forum.