Switch from 2 post in a row limit to n posts per minute?

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Posted by Nirgali (124 posts) 11 months, 30 days ago

Poll: Switch from 2 post in a row limit to n posts per minute? (4 votes)

Yes 75%
No 25%
Impartial 0%

Do you have a topic you're trying to keep alive? Do you have a topic where you report regular updates? Do you have a topic that has died off due to the 2 post in a row restriction? Is this type of flood protection extremely limiting? Have you seen your favorite topics die off? Have you seen people leave gamespot for other forum communities because of this restriction?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or simply would like to see this limitation implemented properly, please vote Yes.

Please Games, for the love of all things good in the world, implement a time-based flood protection and do away with this terrible 2-in-a-row posting limit on all Games forums. I'm seeing people leave the comic vine and gamespot forums because of it!

Moderators: Disregard, private message me, and delete topic if my understanding of this limitation is flawed.

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though I think the presentation of this is a little off (just an opinion mind you), I think this should definitely be changed. unless gamespot decides to go another route, but I doubt that would be appealing to them.