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Dear Gamespot,

For years gamespot has been my preferred game news website, but I've noticed a trend lately toward video reviews and features rather than text. I understand the motivation to provide an interactive experience for an audience of people who, by the nature of the hobby that brought them here, prefer a more active format than plain text. Fortunately most (all?) reviews seem to still provide a text version, but this does not seem to be the case with a number of video features.

Now, I mostly come here for news and reviews, and I can still get those. But it would be great to have subtitles or a transcript provided for other features to make them accessible to users like myself who have difficulty hearing. Are there any plans to provide such a feature, or is it already available and hidden in a menu somewhere?

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Hi Synapticus,

I personally didn't sticky your question (not sure who did), but I think this is a very important point to raise since GameSpot should be helping to support hearing-impaired users. Most of the time, the text of video reviews follows the text of the written review, but I understand your concern there is a lot of purely video-based content which has no text alternative. I presume GameSpot do produce scripts for these segments, so a text alternative should theoretically be possible.

I will leave your question stickied; hopefully it will draw the eye of an Admin. If we get nothing I shall PM a Community Manager for you. :)

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We do not currently support text transcripts or closed captioning of our video content, but this is something that we are actually investigating right now. Unfortunately, I do not have any sort of ETA on this, but this is definitely something that we are looking into for this year!

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@LarkAnderson: Cheers Lark; I knew if I left it long enough someone would spot it! :)