Splinter cell Conviction Free DLC 3D Echelone code

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Splinter cell Conviction Free DLC 3D Echelone map code (exclusive for Gamespot).

Where did it vanished??? All we have is broken link http://www.gamespot.com/event/codes/splintercellconviction-pc/

I ask ubisoft support and they tell only Gamespot can give that code - so any info?

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Is this what you mean?

#3 Posted by leon2365 (13053 posts) -

"no such thing" says gamespot.

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@leon2365 said:

"no such thing" says gamespot.

That is odd. Try this link.

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now when the extremely strange link is clicked, it goes to a 404 page. and I mean the link to supposedly ask for a code for the 360.

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The page isn't working, probably something went wrong during the transfer. My guess is that these codes are no longer given out anyway.

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better tell that to the topic creator.

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Really sad- because this free dlc can be redeem only on gamespot, and my friend have it, but i cant play with them(

I thought may be something wrong with site, may be they forgot to add it or transfer this code to new gamespot

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Hopefully a staff member can come in and help you out.

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@f22_king_raptor said:

Is this what you mean?

Possibly broken because it links to an "AU" version of GameSpot. Now the regions have been removed (UK, Asia, Australia - ones I was aware of) I think any link that was specific to them has also been broken :(

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I'm checking but don't hold out hope. We don't do giveaways any more...

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Unfortunately, this promotion was from 2010, and we are no longer supporting it.

If I remember correctly, we only gave these out for a limited time :(