sooooo.......when will i be contacted.

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its been over a week and i still have not recieved a message about winning a stress cube swag in sdcc live day 2 (1:50:48).

i messaged chris and digitaldame and nothing, whats going on? was the whole swag contest thing a con or what?

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@Spire88 Hi, DigitalDame is unavailable at the moment so I've reached out to other staff who hopefully will sort this for you.

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Thank You.

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@Spire88: I've alerted the Community team and someone should be following up with you soon. Sorry about that!

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I got a repky from chris a few days ago saying It's been a busy month for the community team that covers giveaways, but you should have heard something from the GameSpot account by now. Thanks for your patience, enjoy your winnings!

but I have not heard anything other than his pm.

do they have my address on file or do I have to send it to them, because I think my address has changed since signing up to gs way back when.

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I'm still waiting for my SpaceNavigator 3D mouse that I won in 2008.

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Every GameSpot-staff in general are lousy at answering their PM's... :p

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^Right, and then one wonders why gamespot is in such a crappy state as it is.