So there's been an update to the look of the forums...

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And there's still names and post counts shown twice with every post, being redundant and taking up space, and there's also still no indicator of how many new posts there are in a thread since you last looked. Delightful. Good to know the site designers are working hard on the things that matter. Like slightly altering the appearance of borders around posts, and adding even more empty, negative space surrounding avatar pictures. Keep it up guys. I'm sure the site traffic will pick back up.

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This is an official update? I thought it was the site's CSS glitching out.

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Jesus, I thought this was a glitch. The site looks even worse now.

WTF why are the the thread titles white font now? It's brutal on the eyes.

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Yea really, wasting time on minor stuff like this when there are real bugs that need to be fixed. Game notifications are still broken, game database is still terrible, following and unfollowing games is still broken, still can't make profile private, site is still slow, etc. Seriously, this site blows and they need to get their act together already.

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i dont mind the new look. could be worse.

however, i, and many other users, are still waiting for features that should have been implemented when this redesign took place.

we still have no way to really tell that we have read a thread. and with this brand new update, we cant even tell at all that we have read a thread at all.

and still have no way to go to first unread post in a thread.

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So what's changed really? Anybody want to break it down?

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lighter backgrounds, different font for board titles, online Id under user icons now, etc. oh well. I liked yesterday's look better.

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All this update dealt with was some refactoring.

I made a thread where you can point out bugs,

I am closing this thread.