So are we going to be allowed to change our screen names ?

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#1 Posted by TheShadowLord07 (22112 posts) -

I'm not sure is the right place this but I would like to like to because one moderator had is screen name change but they didn't say if its only for the mods or not.

#2 Posted by leon2365 (13050 posts) -

I doubt it. they only change them on rare occasions, and only with good reason.

#4 Posted by CrimsonBrute (23241 posts) -

In one of the previous Fire Side Chats I believe they mentioned the possibility of having a feature like that in the future. The only time GS will allow name changes is if a user has some sort of private information in their usernames.

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Probably not. I don't think this would be a good idea, since it would be confusing.

#6 Posted by s_h_a_d_o (1288 posts) -

Would it not be a simple thing to opt to use the [editable] First/Last Name fields as a displayed name?