small bug when making new topics

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don't know if anyone is aware of this or not, but there is a small bug when making a new topic. the bug is that whenever you run out of space for typing on the first line of text, when the second line begins, the text is slight out of view on the left side, and any subsequent lines also display the same problem. however, this bug is only present on the initial input of the text. so if for some reason the page gets refreshed without the post going through (such as when the site tells you the topic cannot be longer than 60 characters), the problem seems to correct itself and all text is properly aligned, but if you delete and re-type those sections of the text, the text is offset again.

it looks like this:

this may be something minor, but may be somewhat disorientating for some users. this is on IE10. don't know if it is present in other browsers or not.

EDIT: why do I see 2 of the image I uploaded?

EDIT 2: and now after editing my post, the smaller image disappeared.

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before you start typing click clean.