Slow response on website

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#1 Posted by endusima (4 posts) -

Anyone else having problems with Gamespot being annoyingly slow? Navigating the page takes anywhere from 4-10 seconds and it's really pissing me off (apart from the fact that everything I want from this site is either missing or broken now).

Tried it with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera..same thing.

#2 Posted by Darkfibre (61 posts) -

Yes, I too find it slow. However these things take time to bed in and tweak. I am sure GS will improve over the next few weeks.

#3 Posted by leon2365 (13050 posts) -

works perfectly fine for me. loads extremely fast.

#4 Posted by kemar7856 (11506 posts) -

same it responds really slow

#5 Posted by harry_james_pot (10115 posts) -

It's working fine for me, even though my connection kinda sucks. I'm on Firefox, btw.