Site Issues (Videos and Release Dates)

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First, Is anyone else having video problems post site upgrade? All the videos work to a point but I have all kinds of problems getting them to play all the way through smoothly as if I'm out of bandwidth. I'm constantly checking my internet speeds and that isn't the problem. I rarely get 15 seconds in before the video freezes for 30 seconds only to show 2 more seconds of the video before freezing again and so on. And this isn't even during peak hours. This is pretty much always.

Second, maybe I missed it but games no longer show the multiple release dates for different systems. I seem to only see the soonest release date. For example Assassin's Creed IV which doesn't release for the PC until the 19th of November is listed as released October 29th. Now granted the game did release for some of the systems on this date but it's now impossible to find out the different release dates for each system which is mildly frustrating. It basically means I NEED to use different sites in order to find out information that the old Gamespot site used to tell me which is a pretty poor marketing strategy. I assume this may be just an oversight but I'd really hope it gets fixed. Showing release dates should never be a complicated thing.