Site completely broken in IE8

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The entire site is borked in IE8. Everything is small and jumbled together, laying on top of each other as if the page is having an orgy with itself.

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True. Indeed I have, mainly as a result of how GS looks on IE8, finally bitten the bullet and changed completely to Firefox, which I used as my 2nd tier browser until now.

That said, IE8 (and XP, according to a number of tech websites) will not be supported beyond April 2014 in any event so it's probably time to consider changing your preferred browser in the next 3-6 months anyway. A large number of other websites no longer work well with IE8 or vice versa.

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Lucky! It was a good thing that I bought Windows 8 at the end of June, because the Windows XP I once had was getting a little busted, and this site would no longer work with Internet Explorer 8 anyway.

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I dont even like comming here anymore, this new site sucks. If the few shows that I watch ever get canceled then I will be gone for good.

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If you're stuck using IE8, but are able to install the Chrome Frame add-on, I'd suggest doing that (while you still can, as Google are winding that down in January).

In corporate environments you might be doomed though.

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April 8th 2014 is the end date for Windows XP support (and by extension, IE8), so yeah, it's being phased out pretty much completely and it's probably time for an upgrade. IE8 lacks a lot of features of newer browsers (including 90% of the html5 features in other browsers) and the new site probably makes use of quite a few of the missing ones - on the upside chrome, firefox, maxathon, opera and safari all support such features (maxathon and chrome most notably, with opera+firefox respectively not far behind over all, and safari still being ahead of IE10/11, let alone IE8) and their latest versions should work fine on XP for the most part, so you're best bet is simply using a different browser if that's an option (if not, try the chrome frame add-on dab linked). I'd recommend using any of those 5 over IE10/11 on Vista/W7/W8 as well personally, but it's personal choice in the end, and there are more factors in such choices that just what features they support for most people in the end.

If none of that's an option due to it being a workplace or other public system then try speaking to the admin or someone that would otherwise have access to such things to see if an upgrade is planned and if not suggest that one is - it won't be long (typically under a month, sometimes under a week) after XP(+IE8) support is dropped that additional vulnerabilities will be found and it'll no longer be suitable for corporate use if any private data is stored there (and therefore the company has to abide by any applicable data protection laws).

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We do not support IE8 and have no plans too. Please consider upgrading or use a more modern browser such as chrome or firefox.

We support IE9+, firefox, and anything webkit(chrome, safari, opera)

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don't worry CrillanK, you're not missing much. The new site is absolutely awful

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Maxathon (3.0+, but you should always use the most recent version as with any browser) also utilises webkit, just so you know (it has a backup trident layout engine - the same as what IE uses - but will generally only use it for ancient websites that webkit doesn't like much; firefox has it's own gecko engine). Most mobile OSs use a webkit based default browser as well, so really - the site supports almost all browsers in the end thanks to the widespread use of webkit these days.