Should Gamespot bring back users votes (for the Games of the Year)?

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Posted by woodyfr (211 posts) 1 year, 7 days ago

Poll: Should Gamespot bring back users votes (for the Games of the Year)? (18 votes)

Yes 94%
No 6%

I miss the time when gamespot's users could vote for their favorite games at the end of the year. It was funnier than just watching a video.

What do you think?

To Gamespot's staff: Will you, or can you, bring back that next year?

#1 Posted by beutlich99 (1115 posts) -

I would like to see GS bring back the special and dubious awards. I liked reading about "best game no one played" and "worst game everybody played" etc. Those were so fun. GS, I know that I read a long time ago why you got rid of it, but surely you could find a writer or two that is willing to put together such a list/article. It was one thing that really differentiated you from other websites. I like the new look of the new website, but to be perfectly honest, GS is no longer providing a unique niche for me, and I have been spending a lot of time elsewhere because of it.

#2 Edited by woodyfr (211 posts) -

I agree. It was fun and interesting to have that community feeling. Hope they will bring that back.

#3 Posted by andruxandd (138 posts) -

If that will not be reversed then what's left of this site? All the joys we were taken and changed into crap...all kinds of aberrations appeared uninteresting...and at the end of each year, a unique joy to vote favorite game ... not even this???

Bring back all site GS, not only users votes for the Games of the Year...i miss old site,really...

#4 Posted by stylyy (193 posts) -

It hasn't gone anywhere, keep an eye on the site over the next couple of days.