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will we ever get more than one line of text to input a signature? id prefer to have my signature the way it used to be which would appear as:


gamertag: I0I0II000

steam ID: I0I0II000

this is currently not possible with the one bar available to input text without putting a bunch of different characters to force it to start a new line of text.

also, I've already tried putting a lot of spaces and then the txt, and that wouldn't work. it shows up as spaced out in the settings, but it shows as one space in the sig on forums.

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so nothing on whether or not the better sig input method will return, or if a mod or staff member can change my sig then?

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I wish they'd do something about it. The old way was better. That and linkification.

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still waiting on an answer for this.

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@leon2365: Ya, I want to put a link and put a "list" of my specs in mine but nope, can't do that.

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well links don't work at ALL at the moment, and im not sure if they plan on ever returning functionality for links.

back on topic, still waiting on a response for this.

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@LarkAnderson might be able to answer it.

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hopefully. ive been waiting for a little while for at least a maybe.

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@leon2365: Sorry, but we currently have no plans to modify signatures to allow for multiple lines worth of text.

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dang. thanks for the answer at least. this officially is now feedback then, so hopefully in the future, this feature will return.

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I'll lockup as this has been dealt with :D