Search by genre is broken

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So, we are supposed to type in a genre in the box and select the one we want, right? Except that it doesn't work and instead of showing a list of genres it shows a list of games, articles, companies and all kinds of nonsense.

Yet another broken thing.

Gamespot should adopt a new tagline: "Fixing things that are not broken and break them."

EDIT: Ok, I was a bit mad. It's taking too long to fix these things. There are plus sides too. They added the "Minimum Score" and "Release Date" filters which had been two of my most wanted things in search, but with a broken genre search, they are not helping me yet.

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Thanks, we'll get this fixed!

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@LarkAnderson: Thank you. I'm an old GS surfer and member but not very active or vocal at that. You'd have to forgive me for my post; can't take it back now. It's just that going from an outdated but fully working website to a completely new but full of problems one isn't the best experience. Only wish the bug fixing process was a bit faster. Keep up the good work.

P.S. and thanks for fixing the IE11 issues. Stack editing is working now.