Sad to say goodbye to the "New Gamespot"

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I used to ONLY use Gamespot for ALL my gaming news, even directed my friends here when they had gaming questions. Now.... well.. 'for now', this will be my last visit here for a while (at least until things can be fixed or changed back to a "viable" form)

Specifically I'm talking about: The previous ability to search games based on release date & can choose a specific or all platforms. & from there I could simply click on 'Prev/Next week'. The new system is not so simple as that. You have to click on the calendar & place a range of dates in. While some might prefer this, I prefer the ‘weekly profile’. Also in searching week to week, I have to keep changing the dates on the two calendar ranges to get just the games for that week, before I could simply just scroll ahead each week with a one-click done.

With the new system, I searched for games on release date for PS4, Knack didn’t even show up. I noticed on other dates which I know the release date of specific games, when I enter that weeks date range, they don’t always show up. Very buggy.

Just now for instance, I wanted to find the date Borderlands 2 GOTY was released. The search doesn’t even bring it up, & forget trying to backtrack week by week in the New-game-release section now.

This is not an ‘update’ or reworking of the old site, it is completely changed. It is not just a matter of the fact that I ‘knew’ the old site, it was far more streamlined & user friendly. The new, changed site is far more laborious & painstaking to navigate, & when you finally do navigate it the info is not there like before.

For me this was the best & only site to get new release info in a concise & easy to follow format. Now it’s frustrating & arduous to follow & when I finally succeed the final result is void.

Also, the saved game list that I followed is gone. I could click next to my avatar & a drop-down list would show all the games I was following & I could jump to that game immediately & see news, scores, & reviews. Now, it’s gone‼ & I don’t care to again do the arduous navigation to find my ‘Following’ game list just to view one game page that doesn’t even have to info listed anymore that I found so useful.

The old site worked, that’s one of the reasons Gamespot got such a huge following. I could understand adding to, or ‘improving on’ what was in place, on what “worked”. Though this is not a mere overhaul, this is a complete change. The old site is in no way recognizable anywhere in the new one, save for the fact that “Gamespot” is written on the banner & in the URL address bar.

This is just my opinion & perspective from my own experience. I speak for no one else when I say I am disappointed in the new site, & I truly gave it a good attempt at trying to get used to it. If it was only the navigation I wouldn’t be writing this now, it is every aspect & every exact reason that I felt set Gamespot’s site apart from every other site & why I came only here that has now >poof< disappeared. So, sadly I too will disappear.

Thank you Gamespot for some excellent years.

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I agree. The site is almost useless for me now.
Is it just me who can't find a way to search by genre?

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Hi there

I am Juniorpower of the Community Volunteer Team

The site is still going through the Imports of the Data so there are still bugs in the system. I am sure once everything is set then Stuff that you want might be on the site

Remember we just got the site up again (not that long ago) so there are still going to be Kinks and Messups

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if its sad to say goodbye, then don't. maybe take a vacation. come back in 2 or more weeks, and hopefully by then this will all be sorted out.