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Hi Gamespot,

Can you please do some work on your RSS feeds. I liked having the PC game review feed. When you put up a new review, I could come to Gamespot and read it. The old feed died after the new site went up. It was replaced by a 'Game Reviews on Gamespot' feed, which contains every single review on every platform, and the entire freaking review in each item.

Could you find it in your heart to 1. specify in the RSS item which platform(s) the review is about. 2. Put a sentence and a link to the review, rather than putting the whole review in the RSS item. and 3. What rating you gave it, I don't read reviews on something that got 1/10

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bump - yes/no/maybe so?

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Same here! I totally support the request.

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RSS items should only include the rating, the summary, and a link to the full review. I don't find any value of the current RSS feed as it is now. It should be something similar to the list on

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We hear you. Thank you for submitting this feedback and I'll add it to this weeks Bug and Feedback Report.