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What I liked most about the old Gamespot was how I was able to subscribe to an RSS feed of news updates to my followed games. That feed, however, is no longer updating and I can't find anything else like it on here. I'm not interested in reading all of the news and articles on Gamespot, just the ones that pertain to my followed games. Is there something I'm missing?

Also, is there a new RSS feed for the shows on Gamespot (GS News, Reality Check, etc.), or at least is there some other way to subscribe to them?

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Yeah, I see the same thing. It also seems that the platform specific feeds no longer work either. I used to subscribe to the Gamespot PC News feed ( but it's just a 404 now. I'm sure the RSS feeds are low on the priority list but at least some comment would be nice. Was this intentional and even remotely on a plan to address?

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I miss not having the RSS feeds for my followed games too. Hopefully they can get it working soon.

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Are the feeds for followed games gone or just not working?