*Recent Topics* Way Too Limited

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I migrated here today from GiantBomb, which uses pretty much the same software as Gamespot does for their site. I'm used to seeing all recent forum topics in chronological order, without any further limitations. Pages and pages thereof.

Such an easy and comprehensive overview of forum activity is much preferable to how your *Recent Topics* section works, which I believe limits it to threads active in the last 30 minutes. What if a topic that's half a day old is what tickles my fancy?

I'm currently playing Divinity: Original Sin. A niche game if there ever was one. With the way the forums are currently structured it's pretty much impossible that somebody just wanders in and stumbles on a discussion about the game.

So yeah. I think it'd be in this forum's interest to replicate a similar feel as GiantBomb, in regards to how people access recent threads.

Here's a link to GB's forum, for inspiration's sake...