"Username Reconciliation" has messed a few features up for me

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#1 Posted by Hylian-Jedi (25 posts) -

Earlier this year, I had my old username, "WinROCKYWin", changed to "Hylian-Jedi" as part of the GameSpot Username Reconciliation offer. However, since doing so, I have been experiencing technical issues including inability to access old blogs and messages from when it was WinROCKYWin. Therefore, I would like to return my username to WinROCKYWin and use that as my permanent username for these boards instead, which will hopefully return things to normal. Thank you.

#3 Posted by JodyR (16412 posts) -

I'm not sure how you had a username change because there is no record in our data that this happened. We also don't change usernames unless they are offensive or contain personal information.

Perhaps it happened via a GameFAQs username change at some point? I have sent you a confirmation email but if you still have problems contact www.gamespot.com/support asking them to help you verify your email. Thanks.