"Free" iPhone games are not free

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#1 Posted by LordAndrew (7355 posts) -

The new mobile hub is pretty cool. I really like it, but there was one issue that I noticed.

Viewing new free iPhone games shows one game, Race or Die, but there are apparently 590 pages. The second page shows 20 games; 19 of which are paid, and 1 of which shows no price. On the third page is another free game, H1N1 Reflex. It then continues like that, sometimes showing a few free games and sometimes showing a full list of paid games.

Viewing the highest-rated free iPhone games has a similar effect, but most popular free iPhone games works fine.

#2 Posted by gmax (6862 posts) -
The day you posted this I saw pretty much the same thing. Now, a couple days later, the exact results are a little different, but they are still pretty goofy in general. Using the "free" qualifier, in particular, doesn't seem to be going so well. I wonder if some kind of caching mechanism is making a mess of things. I guess there's still a ways to go there.
#3 Posted by SamP (1602 posts) -

We're tracking two bugs related to how the free-game-only lists are generated and whether games without pricing data display "free" on the game summary page (they shouldn't). Hopefully we'll have this ironed out in next few days.