Quote chain getting out of hand

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Can we please have a limit to the number of posts quoted back to, or a maximum length to quotation space?

Having posts full of 10+ quotes in them destroys the message board.

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Agreed completely. Yet another of the essential and fundamental features that existed on the old site, and has been removed for no reason. Nothing is gained by removing it. Nothing is improved. Only negative results, without a single positive.

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It would be nice if there was a way to remove some quotes, but if you put the cursor in the text box for the quote, it cannot be removed to type in the the main text box. It really is messed up.

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You can remove nested quotes manually for the time being from what I can tell - quoting a post with a quote it in allows you to remove the inner quote manually using delete with the cursor in the right place, the hover-over options affect the entire thing in general only though, so using that will delete the quoted message you want to keep alongside the ones you want to remove.

That said, I know what you mean - I've seen a fair few excessive quote pyramids and that should be limited somehow so that they don't waste quite so much thread space unnecessarily.

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I don't think there was a literal limit on the old site. mods maybe cracked down on using it excessively (and they still should), but there was never a point where an error message came up, or a button not working because of such circumstances.

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I'll add this feature to the list of enhancements for forums. Thanks for providing constructive input @GhoX.