Question/suggestion re: How long topics are left open for commentary

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FFXIV ARR is a relatively new game, having only been available worldwide since early this month. Still, Gamespot locks down commentary on subjects a lot of people may be able to provide valuable feedback on within an extremely short window of time. New players are going to need help from experienced players and the game itself is evolving as updates and "maintenance" change the gaming environment, so what was a "right" answer a few days ago and "locked down" by Gamespot may not be correct or even correctable even a week down the line. This could lead to unnecessary confusion, which I would "think" is the polar opposite of your general purpose/goals as a gaming site. While I certainly understand the desire to limit "oh, that sux" and endless back and forth posts about trivial game minutiae, I'm not sure the almost immediate shut-down on comments is the best way to serve your members in an evolving gaming environment so soon after launch. Thank you.