Profile page won't load.

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#1 Posted by Dynamicnadz (12 posts) -

I can't view my profile completely. It only loads half of my profile page.

#2 Posted by OmitName (717 posts) -

weirdness confirmed

#3 Posted by Dynamicnadz (12 posts) -

Yup. That's it. I wish someone would fix it as soon as possible.

#4 Posted by leon2365 (13045 posts) -

indeed that is very strange.

#5 Posted by Dynamicnadz (12 posts) -

Ah.. This sucks. It's been two weeks now :(

#6 Posted by Smashbrossive50 (2864 posts) -

I got mine fixed,but the "feed" doesn't. this is what I got the other day(a bit blurry,but at least you know everything I did wasn't in there)

#7 Edited by Dynamicnadz (12 posts) -

Somebody, please fix my profile page :(

#8 Edited by RobotOpBuddy (64941 posts) -

No idea how I've only just noticed this, seen as it's been here for a while, but this is extremely similar to a bug that affected Randolph's profile that was fixed previously - he got priority mainly because a side effect of this bug caused issues when combined with his perfectly legitimate activity and the slightly flawed flagging system, effectively resulting in the automated system repeatedly temp forum banning him. Thankfully, your account shows no signs/indication of such a thing happening to your account.

Regardless, edgework was the one that got it fixed last time, so he's likely to know best how to sort it out this time, it may or may not involve a few PMs/temporary access blocking to your account to get it fixed, as was the case with Randolph's similarly bugged profile.

Of course, fixing the root cause would be ideal - interestingly both cases so far have broken on a forum topic feed item, showing nothing after that, there's not much consistency in terms of immediately visible things beyond that though.