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GameSpot apparently thinks a Team Fortress 2 review almost 7 years after its release is a bigger need for the site than fixing the stacks.

I feel this is a sign of misplaced priorities. I know Chris probably doesn't do coding for site development, but you've gotta understand how ridiculous this looks as the site struggles to merely function and they're reviewing games older than some of our cars.

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Editorial is a whole different side of things to site engineering.

I think at the moment GS isn't getting much development love, with resource being put into getting improvements done to comicvine and giantbomb, which have both been on hold during the GS revamp.

I'm sure I'll be corrected if wrong through!

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No, you won't. This place is devoid of informed input from people behind the scenes.

I get that the people who review games don't code for the site. Honestly, I do. This isn't about what the editors are doing with their time, it's about the people in charge who can't seem to figure out what this site DOES need.

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well if they put everything else on hold to focus on bugs, then im sure they would fix a majority of the problem with this site, but then, being the sticklers that some of the gamespot community are, they would then complain about why there are no more new reviews, news, etc.