Please fix the stacks already!

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First off, GS congratulations on rolling out a new site design. I'm sure it's not easy to do.

Second, thank you for bringing back a "my ratings" section. I'm glad that user feedback was listened to and then implemented.

However, the stacks system is a complete nightmare. Based on the forums, I'm not the only one that thinks this.

A. The following games section sucks. Absolutely sucks. It's mixed with users that I follow. I realize that I can filter for objects, but that sucks too. It doesn't show which system a game is coming out for, release date, or a GS score if it's been reviewed. ON TOP of that, if I want to move a game from the following list, I can't. The OLD site let me check a box and put the game in any number of collection areas. How is this new design a step forward?

B. Once a game is in a particular stack, it is a pain to move it to a different stack. As stated above, the old site let me freely move games between collections with a single check box and click.

I appreciate this website on the whole. It is a great database for gaming news, stories, videos, etc., but the old site was also a great database for MY PERSONAL content. It was great because it was a robust, and organizable system of built in spreadsheet type stuff. PLEASE bring back this functionality. SOON. If you are, please give a target date. If not, please just tell me to stop hoping for it. I'll figure out some kind of alternative. Either my own spreadsheets or another website (there's not exactly a shortage of those).

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I doubt you will get an accurate target date, if at all. all that can be done right now is waiting. especially since gamespot will most likely be trying to cover every square inch of the new console launches.

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I can do nothing about Stacks. it sucks.

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indeed it does.

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The current add to my collection or currently playing stacks are so cumbersome, its a pain to go through.

The old version was the best. You could see your collection and just hit a drop button too see which games you have for what system.


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hopefully that feature makes a return.

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yes please fix the stacks I can add to them but it will not let me remove them.

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Seriously, how much longer do we have to wait? It's been over a month, and I'm also still seeing my games being displayed as their JP versions despite being told that would be fixed last week.

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who knows how long we might have to wait. next xbox's launch is around the corner. they are probably focused on that.

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@leon2365 said:

who knows how long we might have to wait. next xbox's launch is around the corner. they are probably focused on that.

It's just so infuriating how little they seem to care about the community. Out of my ten years here, the forum activity has never been so low. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's coming up, should we not expect anything until February then? It wouldn't surprise me at least.

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its up to you on how long you are willing to wait. I have patience. lots of it.