PLEASE Bring Back Video Downloads

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Hi! Everyone who feels the same way, please comment so that Gamespot will listen!

Dear Gamespot, PLEASE bring back Video Downloads!

There are many users especially those in other countries or rural towns who do not have a stable enough internet to be able to enjoy STREAMED videos. Streamed videos NEVER play smoothly or without constant 10 second pauses every 5 seconds, or worse. It is not our choice, the option for better internet just isn't available.

For the past TEN years i have enjoyed Gaming Video Downloads on Gamespot!

We download videos so that we can enjoy the FULL video in one go, after waiting an hour or so for the download to complete. We also enjoy bringing along those videos on our laptops or smartphones to show to our friends while hanging out (Cellular Data Service is also Terrible here). I have also enjoyed showing many Gaming videos to my young students, who love gaming, some of whom DO NOT EVEN HAVE INTERNET ACCESS IN THEIR HOMES. It's always a joyful riot to discuss the coolest games with those young ones.

Gamespot has been my favourite gaming site for 10 years, it is the site i refer to all my friends when they have gaming related questions. Don't let the inactivity of my account fool you, i might rarely post but i visit the site almost everyday/week. Please don't let me down now.

P.S. At least change to Progressive streaming, that way the videos can be loaded whole. Right now videos load in bits and pieces.

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I support this petition.

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I am an expat living in China, shows like Reality Check, Feedbackula, The Point and Random Encounter have been my weekly 'taste of home.'

Youtube is blocked in China and downloading the videos from gamespot was the only way I could enjoy the content as the streaming would often stop mid-way.

Please bring video downloads back ... even if it's just the low quality versions.

- A sad expat ... missing his 'taste of home.'

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I have a slow internet, and used to download the videos from gamespot. I really hope gamespot could bring the video download back.

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Please bring back Video Downloads. Thanks

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Please Gamespot, bring back the option to download videos; I'm missing on many of my favorite shows because I can't watch streaming video. I want to cry....

Please, bring back the download option.

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I'm with dare2die on this one. Bringing back the ability to download videos will no doubt be appreciated by many members.

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i support this petition as well. i can download the videos from youtube, but the quality is not the same. please bring back the download button

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There are currently no plans for this feature to return to GameSpot. Sorry.

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@DigitalDame said:

There are currently no plans for this feature to return to GameSpot. Sorry.

That's disappointing, not everyone has speedy broadband.

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@dare2die: I am really with bringing video downloads back....I think there is no reason for removing them.

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It seems Gamespot has made up it's mind. I wish there was something more i could do here...

These forums are the right place to be heard yes? Well i hope someone at Gamespot sympathizes with us :(

P.s. Thanks DigitalDame for at least replying, i hope that you will reconsider at least using progressive video, that loads the whole video in one shot instead of many pieces. It'll help tremendously with video loading. Please don't alienate even this small subset of your fans :)

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Yes please bring back video downloads, without the download option i can not watch them because of slow internet speed.

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Seems like they can't be downloaded to make sure you watch the ads. or maybe not

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@Dumper1 said:
@DigitalDame said:

There are currently no plans for this feature to return to GameSpot. Sorry.

That's disappointing, not everyone has speedy broadband.

An alternative to streaming GameSpot videos on this site is finding them on youtube and then using a youtube downloader to acquire it. Windows 8 Pro includes with one of those programs specifically for that site, so they should be fine to use.

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Please bring this back. I've been a member for 8+ years now and it was one of the major reasons I continue to return.

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must second this petition!

I too am in China, no other ways to watch Gamespot videos than downloading them...

Please bring it back

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Adding my vote to bringing back downloads. Gamespot, please reconsider.

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It also means you can put a video on a portable device and watch somewhere without internet, like public transport

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Also, I noticed that many older videos have been removed. Can you please bring them back? I really wanna see the Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing video review again. Thank you.

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Removal of video download is the worst change for me. One of the major reason for me to visit Gamespot was the availability of every video and the ease of downloading it in the quality of my choice. I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED by the new Gamespot!

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I dont think you want to keep this way of downloading, If you do so I see internet for world lost its gaming videos we cannot know a game to buy or to wish it

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this is too sad...

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For the last 5 years Gamespot has been my gaming oasis...downloading videos is the ultimate way to quench my thirst for Gamespot becomes my gaming desert...all dried up...

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yes!!! me, too! pls bring back the downloadable Video Reviews!

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Please bring back downloadable videos.This can hurt site popularity

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yeahh bring it back, sing it back!!

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If you're not going to bring back the downloadable videos, PLEASE take a look at your streaming player. It NEVER plays anything smoothly. I have 7 MB internet, and not even 480 P videos play smoothly. I've had to go to IGN in order to get my video reviews, which I hate doing because you guys have always been my "go-to." C'mon guys, you're techy enough to get this fixed.

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Yes, please bring back video downloads! This is my biggest disappointment with the new site. The streaming experience just isn't as good as playing a downloaded video.

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I add my vote as well. It makes lots of sense to download an HD video review and watch it full screen when my connection (or your streaming) doesn't even allow to watch at High quality without constant stalls. Very, very bad decision folks!

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Yes. Please let us download videos. Hard to watch it on the browser

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bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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all i wanna say is that, they dont even care about us....