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#51 Posted by LOVERPS3 (927 posts) -

whats wrong?

#52 Posted by Balmane (13255 posts) -

It's happening for me and I use the uk website. It dreadly annoying. It happens everytime I post in a union.

#53 Posted by super600 (30868 posts) -

[QUOTE="JodyR"]Well, I'm thinking it's related to people who live in AU because that link still works for me.Falcon084

Post someting in the union and see what happens. When you post the trouble starts.

I've contacted a few overseas friends to try it out, because I've heard complaints from people from Canada too.

I been having bonk issues in unions and I'm from canada.

#54 Posted by gmax (6862 posts) -
I saw one about 20 or 30 minutes ago while logged into an alt; the error occurred while attempting to load the profile page for that account (/users/self/). Simply did a refresh right afterward, and everything was fine...